Confessional - Liturgical - Sacramental

Please adhere to the following regulations when attending church services:

- everyone must wear their facemask at all times. Your mask must cover your nose and mouth.
- minimum of 1.5 m distance between families.
- for leading of service, the pastor may remove his facemask if the distance is increased to 2.5 m.
- sanitizing of hands upon entering the building, and before receiving communion.
- only individual cups will be used for communion.
- no physical contact (hugs, handshakes, laying on of hands, etc.).
- we are limited to 50 people / two hours.
- singing is prohibited (solo performances are allowed).
- every person must be screened upon arrival according to government regulations.
- cash offerings are to be placed in the donations box provided at the exit.
- please use the available disposable paper towels to dry hands after washing with soap and water.
- no Sunday School.
- no tea/coffee after the service.
- high risk persons are encouraged to remain at home.
- if you have any symptoms please stay home.

Please come early to prevent queues.